Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

Today I got to spend some extra time at home with all three of my children. School was cancelled due to snow. The problem with this is that the kids, Dylan and Jadyn, were at each others throats. Pushing each others buttons as only they do best. Sarah is not used to having them home during the day so it was hard for her to get her regular amount of sleep which makes for a cranky baby. Anyway I am very delighted to be sending my children back to school tomorrow.

      Sarah had a check up today to make sure she is doing ok with the RSV and ear infection. She is slightly better but still requires breathing treatments and has a hard time eating and breathing at the same time. The doctor refers to her as the happy wheezer. Even though she struggles at times she still gives you smiles. I will be very glad when she is all better.

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